Propet Diabetic Shoes: Features and Benefits

To most people, a bad shoe day is something they can easily shrug off. Yes, you might end up with a painful arch or a blistered heel, but that’s as far as it can go; nothing alarming.

However, for diabetes patients, a bad shoe day can be very dangerous. Wearing the wrong shoe type and size can lead to serious issues. It can sometimes be so serious that the only way to prevent further damage is an amputation.

Generally, diabetic patients need to pay special attention to their feet and keep them in good condition. Almost all diabetes management programs involve a pair of special diabetic shoes that help to prevent non-healing diseases, regular visits to specialists and amputations.

Diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes meant to reduce the risks of skin breakdown and prevent the development of serious related problems in diabetic patients. They can help avoid complications such as ulcerations, amputations, and calluses for people with diabetes.

Diabetic shoes come in various colors, sizes, and designs in order to offer maximum support and comfort for each individual. They are typically made of breathable fabrics and other materials specially designed for each individual.

There are various diabetic shoe manufacturers in the market offering different designs and technologies for comfort and therapy. One of such industry leading manufacturers includes Propét USA.

Propet Diabetic Shoes

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Propet USA has years of experience in the comfort footwear category with a strong background in designing shoes for diabetes and therapeutic markets.

Propet Diabetic Shoes incorporate independent side flanges and a deep U-shaped heel cup that supports the arch, stabilizes the foot, and minimizes pronation.

The shoes are biomechanically engineered to cushion the heel bone and keep it aligned relative to the ground and the leg.

Propet Diabetic Shoes also come in varying flexibility from rigid, to semi-flexible, to flexible as you transition from postoperative period to your regular shoes.


This helps restore flexibility to the foot and sole and speeds up recovery. If you are having a hard time finding your correct diabetic shoe size, you will appreciate the fact that Propét offers their shoes in a wide range of sizes and widths so you can always be assured of a perfect fit.

Whether you are going out for a jogging session, dropping kids off to school, taking your pet for a walk or expecting a long day at work, you can always count on the reliability and comfort of Propét Diabetic Shoes.

Propet believes that your shoes need to support, cushion and protect your feet, but at the same time remaining stylish and lightweight. They are also committed to selling high-quality shoes at an amazingly affordable price.

Benefits of using Propet Diabetic Shoes

• Prevent calluses: The shoes are designed with a wider toe box which prevents your toes from rubbing against the top of your shoe. This, in turn, prevents the formation of calluses and corns, and by extension open sores.

• Promote blood circulation: They are designed to fit your precise measurement and provide the best space and support without restricting blood circulation to your feet.

• Advanced level of comfort: The diabetic shoes by Propet offer enhanced stability by appropriately distributing your weight. The super comfortable inserts also reduce tension, absorb pressure and help prevent fatigue in the feet and legs.

• Prevent skin breakdown: A feeling of numbness in the feet is a common occurrence to diabetes patients. These diabetic shoes don’t have any internal seams and are designed to minimize the risk of skin breakdown and blisters.

• Pain relief: The design, technology, quality of material and features all act towards supporting your weight with each step as well as help reduce the pain associated with swollen feet and blisters.

• More Stylish: Most people find therapeutic and diabetic shoes unattractive, and only tend to associate them with seniors. However, Propet has worked hard to change that perception; they now have different designs to appeal to a wide range of users, from the athletic to dressy to the more traditional ones.

Bottom Line

If your physician has advised that you get diabetic shoes, don’t wait for too long. Some diabetic related complication such as blisters can develop in a matter of hours especially if you’re using the wrong kind of shoes.

These diabetic shoes by Propet will help you prevent many diabetic associated complications and live your life to the fullest.

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