Diabetic Shoes for Women

Forget everything else you know about women, they are shoe-crazy.  A substantial number of women update their shoe closet weekly. And those who don’t, it is because of financial reasons. Additionally, most women have matching shoes for almost all of their clothes. Research has shown that the women’s footwear industry is growing in leaps and bound every year. This means that women’s feet will continue to experience better days in future.

Good shoes are mood-boosting. They make a woman feel like she is on top of the world.  The heart of a woman races whenever she passes near a shoe store. The feeling of looking at a new shoe-let alone owning one is unexplainable. I once read somewhere that shopping for shoes leads to the release of dopamine in the brains.  That does not sound awkward considering the jolt of joy that cuts through my heart whenever I buy a new shoe.

This takes me to diabetic ladies who are just like other women when it comes to shoes affinity despite their health circumstances. They enjoy the shoe-shopping experience just like other women and some of them are addicted buyers. As they shop for shoes, their intention is to go home with a pair that makes them feel splendid and attractive to themselves and others.

Shoes are known for boosting a woman’s personality. Accordingly, when a women wears a pair of shoes that does not make her feel smart and attractive, she might lose her confidence. In case you are diabetic, there are diabetic shoes for women that can make you feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. Before I provide a list of some of the best diabetic shoes for women below is essential information about diabetes patients and shoes.

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One of the most common challenges experienced by diabetes patients is peripheral neuropathy. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is very common because it affects around 50% of diabetes patients in the United States.  If untreated, the condition mostly leads to morbidity and in some cases death. It is mainly characterized by sensory issues whereby it inhabits nerve regeneration thereby causing loss of sensation. The condition affects the lower-limbs. An affected patient begins to experience reduced or complete absence of sensation.

One of the ways in which diabetes patients can prevent this condition from occurring is by wearing the right shoes. In case a patient has already developed peripheral neuropathy, the chronic pain that results from it can be eased by wearing appropriate shoes.

Research has proven that most women chose not to wear diabetic shoes. Some chose to wear the shoes once in a while.  Although this might seem okay it can have very severe health consequences.

Factors to Look for in Diabetic Shoes for Women

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Here are some factors to consider when buying the best diabetic shoes for women.

Insole:  Purchasing footwear that is equipped with a good insole is fundamental. Insole is very effective when it comes to preventing mechanical tissue stress and ultimately ulceration.  If the plantar surface of the foot is damaged a diabetes patient can easily develop foot ulcers.  Several research studies have proven that wearing diabetic shoes with their insoles for more than half of your daytime can reduce the risk of ulcer relapse by 50%.

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Length of the heel: Diabetic feet are very sensitive. As a result, women should always focus on the heel when purchasing shoes. Using high heeled shoes for diabetic foot can lead to increased pressure and sensitivity. It can also lead to development of wounds and blisters that can eventually pave way for ulceration.

Width and depth: Wide and deep shoes are the best for diabetic feet. Diabetic foot is prone to swelling. As a result, wide and deep shoes are convenient because they provide ample room for the foot despite its changing condition.

Lightweight: Light shoes are very convenient for diabetic foot. They enhance movement.

Here is a list of the best diabetic shoes for women that you can find in the market today.

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Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability Walker is one of the best diabetic shoes for women. The shoes are very comfortable and they can be worn for long hours. They are also good for long-distance walking. The interior offer sufficient space for wide foot. Buy them and you will not be disappointed.


  • The insole is removable.
  • The shoes come in a variety of colors.
  • Spacious interior. The shoes are designed for people with wider foot.
  • Wider heel base
  • The upper area is made of leather


  • The leather fabric used to make the upper side of the shoes increases durability
  • Wide heel base increases comfort
  • Removable insoles are convenient. The users can remove them for regular washing.
  • Spacious interior enhances comfort for people with wider foot. It also facilitates comfort for the toes


  • Some users complained that the shoes got worn-out sooner than expected.

Propet Women’s Travelactiv Fashion Sneaker

Although these shoes are not specifically designed for diabetic food, they are incredible. First of all, they are extremely fashionable and good looking. They come in varieties of colors and styles. They will offer you the privilege of choosing a color that appeals most to you. In addition, they offer enhanced comfort and can be used for long-distance walking


  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They come in three different designs
  • Available in more than five colors
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • Some designs have laces for increased flexibility


  • Convenient for long-distance walking
  • Accommodates swollen and sensitive feet.
  • Suitable for wide feet


  • Some customers complain that the shoes wear out sooner than expected

DAWGS Women’s Premium Women’s Spirits Oxford

Women’s Spirits shoes are the go to shoes if you want comfort and style. They are outstandingly cute and come in a variety of colors. Furthermore, they designed to foot and back pain. They have a thick cushioned heel that absorbs shock and impact that can lead to foot, leg and back pain.


  • The shoes are lightweight
  • They have a synthetic sole
  • They have an adjustable Velcro strap
  • The upper side is made of rubber
  • Build to reduce back and foot pain


  • The shoes are lightweight. Accordingly, they can be worn for long hours.
  • They offer arch support
  • The shoe design encourages reduction of back and foot pain


  • Sometimes the shoes turn out to be uncomfortable if the user is not keen on size

Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker

Cronus Comfort is definitely the perfect choice when it comes to comfort footwear. Reward your feet with a great walking experience with this pair of shoes. Specifically designed for diabetic foot, Cronus Comfort offer a great outdoor experience. The design accommodates a variety of foot problems including swelling, ingrown toenail, sensitivity, just to mention a few.


  • The shoes are available in two colors; black and sand
  • The upper is made of neoprene
  • Two hook and loop straps
  • Removable insole
  • The outsole us made of rubber


  • The neoprene upper stretches to increase breathability and create more room for swollen feet
  • The shoes offer customizable fit because of the presence of the loop-and-hook straps
  • The shoes are available at are very fair price.
  • They accommodate wide foot
  • They reduce the chances of falling and slipping because they are non-slip


  • The shoes are not the best for Charcot foot
  • They might not be wide enough for people who experience extreme swelling.

Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adjustable Slippers – Diabetic & Edema Footwear

Treat your sensitive feet with this extra wide pair of shoes. The design of these shoes is capable of accommodating the most swollen feet ever. In addition, they are easy to wear. You do not need to spend at least five minutes trying to put one of them one. You can wear them inside and outside the house.


  • Designed for people with diabetes and arthritis
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Can be adjusted depending on the width of the foot
  • The shoes have memory foam insoles
  • The soles are skid-resistant


  • The shoes are highly flexible. The opening Velcro features allow them to accommodate feet of different widths.
  • They are suitable for people with a variety of foot problems. For example, people with corns, edema, bunions, podiatry related foot issues and hammer toes can wear these shoes conveniently.
  • The design offers a lot of comfort


  • The shoes are relatively heavy
  • Their design is more suitable for elderly women
  • Some customers complain that the shoes are not wide enough. Be keen on the specifications when ordering.

Propet Women’s Vista Strap Sneaker

Vista Strap Sneakers are the ultimate custom orthotics.  They incredible for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy and other related foot issues.  The shoes can be worn on a daily basis because they are supportive and comfortable. The presence of a double hook-and-loop closure allows the users to put on and remove them conveniently. Lastly, their design is incredible for an active lifestyle.


  • The sole is made of rubber
  • Leather upper
  • They are custom orthotics. Accordingly, their design adheres to the Medicare A5500 Guidelines
  • The color is padded
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • The sole has a comfortable heel that enhances comfort during walking. Accordingly, the shoes can be worn for long hours comfortably.
  • The entire interior and collar are padded to reduce foot sensitivity
  • Upper leather increases durability
  • They are wide to provide enough room for sensitive feet


  • Some customers complain that the shoes are not wide enough
  • Not so good looking but that depends on consumer preference

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

If you are running errands here and there, these are the shoes that you need. They are great for moving up and down.  The shoes come with adjustable straps that will allow you to customize the fit. In addition, the design is simple and casual can be easily blended with different outfits.


  • Available in many colors
  • Made of leather
  • They have a rubber sole
  • The heel is extra cushioned
  • The shoes have a padded collar
  • They have adjustable Velcro straps


  • The adjustable Velcro straps increase the flexibility of the shoes
  • They are good for daily walking
  • The padded insoles enhance foot comfort.


  • The shoes might be stiff for users with extra stiff feet.
  • Their design is so simple and plain

Orthofeet Breeze Comfort Stretchable Wide Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Walking Shoes

The shoes are specifically designed for people with diabetes. Accordingly, most of their features accommodate almost all the foot issues associated with diabetes. Firstly, they offer arch support. Accordingly, the alleviate foot, heel and back pain. Secondly, they are wide to eliminate pressure. Lastly, upper is stretchable to accommodate foot swelling.


  • They are lightweight
  • The upper is made of fabric and leather
  • They have an extra depth design
  • The sole is contoured to offer orthotic support


  • The design of the shoes offers a solution to a wide variety of foot problems. Metatarsal pain, sensitivity, knee pain, arch pain, back pain and foot pain are some of the problems addressed by these shoes.
  • The shoes are very comfortable because they cushion the feet.


  • The shoes might be too deep for some people

Dr. Comfort Marla Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

Marla Women’s is one of the best diabetic shoes for women that you will find out there.  The shoe has a simple design that can blend with different types of outfits.  They can be worn casually and to the office. Additionally, the shoes are lightweight and ideal for long distance walking. Buy these shoes and say goodbye to painful feet.


  • Available in black color only
  • The upper is made of lycra
  • They are lightweight
  • Washable inserts
  • The shoes have a one strap Velcro closure
  • The shoes are machine washable


  • The shoes are extra deep to provide comfort for wide foot. In addition, they are made of stretchable material to accommodate swelling.
  • The shoes are perfect for people with sensitive feet. They can accommodate a wide range of foot problems.


  • Some users have complained that their ideal sizes were not well fitting (tighter than usual).

Dr. Comfort Women’s Cuddle Therapeutic Slippers – Pink

These closed slippers are incredibly good looking and comfortable. The interior is very soft and warm. They offer extra room for people with wide feet. They can be worn inside and outside the house.


  • Available in pink and camel
  • Wide interior
  • Custom made for people with diabetic foot problems
  • Equipped with a toe-box to offer extra protection
  • The upper side is made of nubuck


  • The shoes accommodate wide and swollen foot because their interior is extra wide
  • Very comfortable if you have cold feet. They will keep your feet warm especially when you are indoors.
  • The heel is wide to enhance comfort


  • The shoes stretch out, as they are worn

The shoes provided in this article provide a perfect guide for what you need when buying diabetic shoes.  Have fun choosing your perfect pair.

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