Diabetic Shoes for Men

Most of us have never heard about diabetic shoes for men or women.  This is mainly because our footwear styles are heavily influenced by the active fashion and lifestyle trends. Undoubtedly, shoes are a major fashion accessory. A fine shoe is considered a single part of a complete fashionable outfit. Normally, such an outfit consists of a shirt, suit and tie or a pair of jeans and other complimenting accessories.

As a result, men’s shoes come in a variety of styles and colors. The stylistic aspect of is highly dynamic.  In one season, a particular style becomes the in thing and in another a different style gets popularized.  Mostly, stylistic changes are driven by designers who use their innovative powers to streamline sophistication and glamour.

For some men, shoes are a sign of power and class.  This is particularly truthful for the young generation that is driven by materialism and class.  Most of them want to own a pair or two of the shoes they see with celebrities.  For others, footwear is just another basic thing that they can’t do without-at least in important destinations such as workplace, towns and learning institutions. Consequently, they can wear any shoe so long as they are comfortable.

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However, when it comes to diabetes patients, stylish and trendy shoes are not a major concern.  With an increased chance of developing deadly infections such as diabetic foot ulcers, diabetics’ main focus is the appropriateness of shoes and how they can provide their feet with proper care.

A shoe can be stylish and appealing to the eyes but it can cause irreversible damage to diabetes patients. It is believed that excess pressure is one of the leading causes of foot diabetes.  Accordingly, patients are advised to buy essentials footwear such as diabetic shoes and orthotic inserts as a preventive measure against the development of these troublesome ulcers. There are several factors that make diabetic shoes beneficial to high-risk patents. Some of these factors include comfort, proper-fit and size

Proper Fit

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It is fundamental for diabetes patients to ensure that they purchase shoes that fit appropriately.  Well-fitting shoes making walking easier thereby preventing injuries. Diabetic shoes are designed in different sizes and fit to ensure that all kinds’ clients are catered for. Unlike regular shoes that might be fitting but uncomfortable in some areas, diabetic shoe designers ensure that they focus on aspects such as width and depth to protect the feet of the user all round.

Fitting diabetic shoes provide ample space for feet that tend to swell occasionally. For most people, one foot is usually bigger than the other. Therefore, one shoe can turn out to be ill-fitting. This challenge is rarely experienced with diabetic shoes.  Most of the certified designers are well aware of this problem and they do everything possible in their means to address it. A fitting shoe holds the foot of the user firmly and protects dangerous movements of the foot inside the shoe. Most of them are fitted with an adjustable laces and Velcro.


Diabetic shoes are designed to enhance the comfort of the foot. Their interior and exterior designs are well formulated to ensure that the feed do not experience any form of pressure. To injuries from the external environment, the designers use non-slippery and shock-absorbing soles. The upper interior is made of soft materials to protect the toes from pressure and injuries that can be caused by hard materials and seams. In most cases, natural fiber is used to make the upper side of the shoes because it allows moisture to evaporate. This prevents accumulation of sweat inside the shoe.


Size is an important factor to consider when buying diabetic shoes. Ensure that you purchase a shoe that is slightly bigger than your foot. This allows you to use accessories such as socks and inner soles conveniently. In addition, such shoes provide your feet with enough space for comfort. Sometimes diabetic feet experience temporary deformity and swelling. Spacious shoes provide enough room for such challenges.


With diabetic shoes, any material is not good material. Dry fit fabric is the best because it prevents the foot from accumulating excess sweat. Moldable fabrics are also good for diabetic foot. Most high quality diabetic shoes are made with leather, suede and canvas fabrics. Weight, lacing and sole are other design factors to consider when buying diabetic shoes. Lightweight shoes are the best because they allow the feet move easily and conveniently. Shoes that have laces allow the user to adjust them for convenience purposes. For example, you can loosen or tighten a shoe depending on how your foot is feeling at a particular time. Shock absorbing shoes are very convenient for diabetic foot.  They prevent accumulation of pressure at the boot of the feet.

Extra depth

Extra depth is another factor to consider when buying diabetic shoes.  Essentially, it is expected that they provide extra room for custom inserts. Hammertoes is another factor diabetic shoe designers consider when providing extra room. Mostly, diabetic shoes provide an extra quarter or half-inch depth when compared to ordinary shoes.

Breathable upper

Shoes that create a damp and worm environment inside can be dangerous for diabetic feet.  This is because they provide an effective thriving ground for bacteria.

Low Heel (Not a challenge for me though)

High heels are dangerous for diabetes shoes because they build excess pressure on various parts of the foot.  These pressure points can easily develop infections such as hammertoes and ulcers. Wear low heel shoes to ensure that blood circulation occurs evenly throughout your entire foot.

Diabetic shoes for men

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Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

This is one of the most incredible pair of performance shoes you will find out there.  This could be mainly because they feel like walking mattresses.

It is also impossible to deny the fact that these shoes are quite good looking.

The shoes’ rubber sole is well designed to ensure that they are lightweight and comfortable.  The Memory Foam heel enhances comfort by absorbing impact and pressure.

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The upper side is made of lightweight mesh that prevent accumulation of excess heat and sweat inside the shoe

This might sound exaggerated but I can guarantee you that you will like these shoes

Propet Men’s M3851 Wash & Wear Slip-On Sneaker

This aesthetically pleasing shoe is everything you have been looking for.

They are comfortable and easy to maintain.

The shoes are lightweight and made of soft leather and fabric.

They come with removable shock-absorbing nylon-lined insole

You can wash using a machine

Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

These high quality, hood looking and flexible shoes will offer you the support and comfort that you are looking for.

They are therapeutic and thus meant to offer protection and support to sensitive and problematic feet.

They are deep to accommodate problems such as feet swelling, edema and hammertoes.

The upper side of the shoe is made of Lycra.  In addition, the inner upper side is seamless and has a padded lining.

The Velcro strap is added to enhance comfort. As a result, the user can adjust them to suit his specifications.

These shoes ate lightweight to enhance movement.

They are easy to wash and can also be washed using a machine.

Orthofeet Baton Rouge Comfort Arch Support Orthopedic Men’s Diabetic Boat Shoes

You will be impressed by the quality of these shoes.

They offer support and comfort to people suffering with a variety of foot problems.

The inner side of the shoes provides enough width and depth to ensure that people with different foot problems experience proper fit.  Extra room is also essential for protecting the foot against excess pressure.

Their front area provides enough space for the toes to protect them against injuries and infections.

The insoles are well designed to enhance the comfort and stability of the foot.

The shoes are lightweight to facilitate movement.

They are made up of an interior lining that is seamless and soft to eliminate pressure points and ensure that the feet experience maximum comfort.

The soles are designed in a manner that prevents heel pain.

Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

This stylish and good looking therapeutic pair of shoes will offer you comfort and sophistication at the same time.

The shoe is lightweight and made of leather and Lycra

It comes in black and brown shades

It has A Velcro strap that allows you to make adjustments depending on the condition of your feet. Therefore, it accumulates foot problems such as swelling and infections.

The upper side of the shoe-interior is seamless and fitted with a padded lining.

The sizes and widths range from 6-15 – B/D, E/2E, 3E/4E respectively

The shoe can be easily dressed up with different types of outfits.

There goes a list of the best diabetic shoes for men. Treat your feet with one or tow pairs and you will not be disappointed.

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