Best Diabetes Apps – Buyers Guide and Reviews

What’s even worse than simply having diabetes is ending up with many other complications such as heart failure, kidney problems and even blindness. Recognizing critical symptoms is the key to preventing progression to such complications.

That’s where apps come in.

The best Diabetes app helps you track, and identify patterns and relationships within multiple symptoms and activities, including blurry vision, exercise, dieting, losing weight, thirsty feeling, hunger and tiredness.

Here are six top diabetes apps that will help you do exactly that.

Fooducatea weight loss coachintegrates with other apps and devicesiOS 7 and higher
Android version varies with device
iPhone rating: 4+
Android rating: 4.3
free with subscription option
Glookosubscription-based diabetes management platformintegrates with CGM, BG, insulin pumps, and fitness trackersAndroid 4.3 and up
iOS 8.0 and up
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
iPhone rating: 4+
Android rating: 4.1
free with $59.99/ year subscription
mySugreasy and complete diabetes trackersyncs with other devices and Apple Health® appAndroid 4.4 and up
iOS 10.3 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
iPhone rating: 4+
Android rating: 4.6
free with subscription option
Diabetes and Blood Glucose Tracker by MyNetDiaryeasy and comprehensive diabetes tracker appsyncs with iOS Health app and "cloud"iOS 9.0 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touchiPhone rating: rated 12+ for infrequent/mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use$9.99
Health2Sync - Diabetes Carean app that makes blood sugar tracking more meaningfulsyncs with glucometeriOS 8.2 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
iPhone rating: 4+
Android rating: 4.6
free with 6- and 3-month subscription
Glucosio: Diabetes Trackerquick and easy way to track all aspects of your diabetes-Android 4.1 and upAndroid rating: 4.2free

1. Fooducate

Being diabetic, your goal likely isn’t just to lose or maintain a healthy weight, but to eat real, healthy food in the process.

That’s what Fooducate promises to deliver.

This app helps you track your food, sleep, activity and mood. Plus, it keeps you motivated through its supportive community.

Could it be the best diabetes app? Let’s see…

The good

Fooducate is loaded with as many features as you might think of.

Not only does it track the quantity of calories you consume, but also the quality of such intake. Use it to get a personalized grade of products (A, B, C or D) simply by scanning more than 250,000 product barcodes.

But it’s not just about scanning and grading…

The scan feature helps you discover hidden ingredients within products, which you wouldn’t easily notice. You’ll discover such things as tricky trans fats, MSG, added sugars, controversial food colorings, additives and preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, GMO, and artificial sweeteners.

And that’s not all…

You can customize it to your specific needs by adding your favorite foods and recipes, to track your eating habits.

Even when you don’t know what else you can eat to vary your diet, the app offers healthy food suggestions as you scan different foods.

To top it all, it has a supportive community.

Such a supportive community helps you remain accountable and keeps you motivated so you don’t give up along the way. In fact, you too can motivate others by sharing tips and you own success story.

The bad

Considering that diabetes affects people all over the world, it’s unfortunate that the app provides product analysis on US products only.

Personalization based on dietary goals, health conditions, age, among others.

Import data from other apps and devices.

Export data.

Scan barcode to analyze product nutritional content.
Product analysis limited to US products only.

Android compatibility varies with device.

1.Glooko – Track Diabetes Data

Glooko app is a platform for serious diabetics to manage their illness. After all, using an app with a $59.99 per year subscription option is a sure sign you’re serious about it.

But what makes it so valuable?

It certainly has the potential of being the best diabetes app, since it’s designed to help you understand just how your blood glucose is affected by food, medication and activity. This will help you make smarter lifestyle decisions and achieve your health goals much faster.

The good

The app gives you a clear visual display of graphs and charts, showing you real time progress and anticipated trends. That’s definitely a great way to spot any anomalies and properly evaluate your progress against your historical data.

But you don’t have to rely only on your biased assessment.

The app gives you the option to get an expert assessment of your progress. You can share your personal profile with your doctors and get their informed opinion.

But, will it be too much effort recording your data?

Not so.

Glooko syncs with your devices and other apps, allowing seamless data integration. It takes in data from your blood glucose meter, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pumps. As you exercise, your data is automatically collected from such fitness trackers as Strava, Moves, Jawbone UP and Fitbit.

Tracking your progress isn’t all it does.

To help you avoid future mistakes, it features reminders for taking medication and eating your meals at the right time.

The bad

Unfortunately, the app isn’t compatible with iOS versions earlier than 8.0.

Tracks your medicine usage, activity, carb counts and other lifestyles data.

Reminders to take medication and meals.

Automatic data sharing with your healthcare provider.

No cost if sponsored by doctor, insurer or employer.
Not compatible with iOS versions earlier than 8.0

1.mySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log

It’s never easy to deliver comprehensive features and ease of use in one platform… which is what mySugr promises to deliver: an easy and complete diabetes tracker.

Use the app to log and monitor your daily blood sugar level, as well as tracking your carb counts.

The good

You can start using this helpful app free of charge, and later upgrade to Pro whenever you wish.

Feedback is essential in evaluating progress and achieving your goals. That makes mySugr a useful tool in reaching your personal goals, since it has a feedback mechanism. It also features challenges to push you on in your endeavor, which just might help you exceed your goals.

Taking into account the amount of data such an app collects, it’s only reasonable that it gets secure storage. With its data backup, you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable information.

Apart from estimating your HbA1c, the app logs your diet, carbs intake, blood glucose levels, meals, meds and more.

The beauty of it all is how it collects such data.

By syncing with your other devices, particularly Accu-Chek® blood glucose monitoring systems, the app automatically collects all the vital information you need. It also connects with Apple Health® to gather CGM data, blood pressure, steps, weight, activity and much more information.

The bad

One drawback with this app is it isn’t compatible with iOS versions earlier than 10.3.

A feedback system to help you achieve your goals.

Log and monitor your daily sugar level.

Backup of your data.

Syncs with other devices and apps.

Gives you challenges to help you exceed your goals.
Not compatible with iOS versions earlier than 10.3

1.Diabetes and Blood Glucose Tracker by MyNetDiary

Although it may not have such a catchy and creative name MyNetDiary’s Diabetes and Blood Glucose Tracker app does just what its name states.

Here’s what makes it a likely contender for the best diabetes app award.


Most apps help you manage both type 1 and 2 diabetes. However, MyNetDiary’s app also helps you manage prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

It does this in four simple ways:

  • Helping you improve your diet
  • Supporting your weight lose goals
  • Providing feedback
  • Offering support and motivation

A collection of features deliver these objectives.

One particularly unique feature is its built-in GPS, which automatically records your physical activities. That’s complemented by the barcode scanner for analyzing the foods you take. It monitors a variety of other aspects including your water intake, cholesterol, A1C, weight and carbs.

Monitoring is just one part of it.

The other part is grading your food using an extensive food database, reporting on your personal progress, as well as virtual coaching to help you achieve optimum health.

And if that still isn’t enough, the app community is supported by a registered dietician.

You can install it in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, with iOS 9.0 or later.


Since it’s an iPhone app, Android users will miss out on this useful tool.

It also has no free option and your gadget’s battery life may decrease dramatically with continued use of the in-built GPS running in the background.

The app community is supported by a registered dietician.

Scanning barcodes and grading food products.

An in-built GPS to record your physical activity.

Tracking your water intake, cholesterol, A1C, weight and carbs.

Virtual coaching to help you achieve optimum health.
No free option.

Limited to iPhone users.

GPS may decrease battery life.

1.Health2Sync – Diabetes Care

The Health2Sync – Diabetes Care app has placed even more focus on creating a motivating environment. No wonder it claims to make blood sugar tracking more meaningful.

That’s definitely a critical feature that the best diabetes app should have.

The good

Just as with many other blood glucose tracking apps, the Health2Sync easily logs your blood pressure, blood sugar, medication, weight, exercise and diet. It also monitors your mood. As any diabetic person knows, all these aspects influence your blood glucose levels.

Comparing such information with your blood glucose records, the app will give you helpful feedback to enhance your health.

But one interesting feature stands out above the rest.

Its community support isn’t just any ordinary community. You can actually invite friends or family to partner with you on this app. This plays a significant role in eliminating the isolation diabetics feel and further motivates you to achieve your goal.

What’s more, using the app is easy despite its multiple features.

The dashboard provides two viewing options: a simplified view of your vital stats or deeper analytics of individual metrics. This helps you quickly identify trends and isolate critical symptoms.

All the data can be exported in PDF or Excel format. Alternatively, simply email it to your doctor.

The bad

You’ll have to buy another item – the Health2Sync Smart Cable – just to upload bulk readings from your glucometer.

Conveniently email your data to your doctor.

A simple dashboard view for easy reading.

Invite friends and family to partner with you on the app.

Tracks your blood pressure, blood sugar, medication, weight, exercise and diet.

Monitors your mood.
You need a cable to upload bulk readings from your glucometer.

1.Glucosio – Diabetes Tracker

Apart from tracking all aspects concerning your diabetes, Glucosio also gives you the option to choose to help diabetes researchers, by sharing your information anonymously.

That’s a feature that could not only make it the best diabetes app, but also make the app even better.

The good

This free app tracks HB1AC, blood glucose, cholesterol, ketones, blood pressure and body weight among other aspects. It’s specifically designed to help manage type 1 and 2 diabetes.

It may be free and open source, but it’s quite useful.

One notable feature is the free support with an average 24-hour response time. You can also set glucose targets and reminders; with daily, weekly and monthly visual graphs and analysis.

Moreover, it offers backup through Google Drive as well as a data sharing option in CSV format.

The bad

It’s only available for Android users.

This free app tracks HB1AC, blood glucose, cholesterol, ketones, blood pressure, and body weight.

Completely free.

Option to choose to help diabetes researchers by sharing your information anonymously.

Free support.

Data backup through Google Drive.
Only available to Android users.

Just as with any other illness, there’s no single cure for all diabetics. Therefore, particular apps may be more valuable to specific people compared to others.

If you need more motivational support or a better understanding of your symptoms, just select the app focusing more on such aspects. That would be the best diabetes app for you.

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