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The Effective Ayurveda Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus or popularly known as Diabetes is a disease in which the victim experiences high blood sugar. This happens mainly due to two factors, both of which are related with Insulin.

In case one, the body does not produces insulin, that leads to high blood sugar and the in the other case the insulin prepared does not works properly and hence resulting in the same manner.

The latter case however is mostly experienced where the insulin doesn’t work properly. People experience numerous symptoms in this disease, some of them are frequent urinating, weight loss, weight gain, hunger, thirst and the most concerning issue that the cuts and bruises on the body doesn’t heal that easily.

Studies have shown that the major causes of this disease include creamy and oily foods which are hard to digest easily, mental stress, low or nil amounts of exercise, excessive sleep and consumption of sugar or sugary products.

The patients are suggested to exercise, take good and proper meals and make a note on their weights. While these are the basic methods to prevent or overcome this disease, the science of Ayurveda has also made a strong impact as the cure to this query.

The Ayurveda treatment for Diabetes has proved to be highly effective and has been curing a lot of people in the long run. This method varies from the sciences that we have studied until now.

Ayurveda treatment for Diabetes at home

Diabetes is termed as Madhumeha in ayurveda and according to this recovery method; diabetes cannot be just cured by medicines but requires an overall personality and lifestyle change.

According to the teachings in Ayurveda, Dosha predominance is considered to be the basic complication which leads to this disease.

With a close emphasis on the diet chart of the patient, they are also prescribed with some of the home remedies, which in the course of time have proved to be very helpful in order to overcome the disease completely.

Ayurveda cure for diabetes works thoroughly different from the modern day techniques in numerous ways and the eventual results includes not just curing the patient but ensuring them to get immune from this disease for good.

The treatment is done in such a way that the body cells start producing insulin and moreover the insulin that performs their function properly.

Ayurveda treatment for diabetes resolves around some common method which mainly includes some herbs those are effective in treating a patient who is affected.

Some of those herbs are:

  • Bitter gourd,
  • Bael (Aegle marmelos),
  • Gurmar leaves (Gymnema sylvestrae),
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa),
  • Sagar Gota (Ceasalpinia crista),
  • Onion, Neem
  • Garlic


These herbs help in reducing the blood sugar level and two, they don’t have any side effects either. So one can be fairly sure and secure on getting any kind of side effects on their body in any other way by these herbs.

Other methods which are prescribed under this treatment method include;

  • Use of grains in diet. Products such as wheat and bread are considered to be something that produces great results overall in the treatment. Moreover making a flour mixture of barley and wheat flour is also practiced in large amount.
  • Other products which are consumed in large quantity are cheese, yoghurt, garlic, spinach and black plum.
  • Foods like Grapes, Mangoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh grains and pulses are those which are suppose to be avoided for diabetes patients.
  • Some regular tips include exercising, or people who could not exercise may also opt to walk around and cover some good ground to make all the organs in your body working briskly.
  • Since Ayurveda Management for Diabetes has some of its own methods varying from that in the science books, sleeping at day time is also opposed under this category because the sleep this time increases Kledaka Kapha.
  • Taking a teaspoon of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) juice with 2 teaspoons of Bitter gourd juice works with great zeal.

Scientific studies have also come up where the doctors have said herbs like Bitter gourd and Indian Gooseberry contain phytonutrients like charantin which work in reducing the glucose from the blood to the body tissues and liver, eventually decreasing the amount of blood glucose levels.

Since a long period the ancients Vaids (doctors) have been researching on the treatment of Diabetes and they have made ground on these prescriptions and the things which are to be avoided in order to come up with the treatment.

Ayurveda treatment for diabetes has been quiet effective for the diabetic patients and since India is a home for the patients suffering from this disease, people from the ancient past have done all the hard work to overcome this threat.

Therefore people from all over the globe prefer getting cured with this not so modern but effective way of treatment.

How To Treat Diabetes Naturally

Are you looking for a diabetic issues organic cure? An analysis of diabetic issues is a frightening moment in a persons’ life. Immediately you are filled with thoughts of lifelong shots of blood vessels insulin, constant sugar stages tracking and bland diets.

These dire thoughts will often leave you quaking in your shoes. Admittedly tracking your everyday eating plan and sugar stages levels is essential yet you don’t necessarily need to add everyday blood vessels insulin shots to your list of worries.

The causes of diabetic issues are constantly changing and the list of reasons continues to grow longer. The cause of your body has been linked to the pancreatic stopping production of blood vessels insulin typically due to damage to the pancreatic because of certain illness in which the pancreatic becomes attacked by the immune system causing a deficiency of blood vessels insulin.

The most everyday sort of diabetic issues is Kind two diabetic issues. This kind of diabetic issues is typically hereditary but can also be brought on by improper eating plan and a sedentary lifestyle.

effects of Type 2 Diabetes

It is worth noting that while not every parent who has diabetic issues will pass it along to their children it is most commonly the case simply because lifestyles are passed down to younger generations, including poor eating plan and a sedentary lifestyle.

It is essential understand the causes diabetic issues because by doing so you can help avoid it. Nutritious eating plan, everyday work out and maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid diabetic issues.

Prior to an analysis of diabetic issues may be one of pre-diabetes. This analysis is usually a warning that you need to get your everyday eating plan and weight in check to avoid the diabetic issues analysis.

Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetic issues or pre-diabetes you can easily elude the need for blood vessels insulin.

Medical research that there are a number of treatments that can be used to control and maintain appropriate sugar stages levels. These treatments include both common, readily available, vitamin and pills.

Natural treatments for diabetic issues include the following herbs and vitamins:

Nasty Melons – Nasty melon is effective on both type 1and type 2 diabetic issues. Certain components of bitter melon aid in lowering and maintaining appropriate sugar stages levels in the body.

Nasty Melons effect on diabetes

Diabetics cannot properly absorb and use blood vessels insulin and bitter melon helps reduces the occurrence of blood vessels insulin resistance.

Additionally, scientists have discovered that bitter melon can actually increase the number of cells in the pancreatic that produce blood vessels insulin, thereby helping the body to naturally help itself.

Red onion and Beans – These flavorful foods actually help avoid cardiovascular illness. Individuals who suffer from diabetic issues tend to have high risk of cardiovascular illness due to the deficiency of blood vessels insulin which allows fat to float throughout the bloodstream longer and in higher stages than normal.

Red onion and garlic are high in antioxidants which inhibit fats from oxidizing and causing damage to artery walls, which can lead to plaque buildup and cardiovascular illness.

Nutmeg – A lot of people think of cinnamon as a flavoring for sweets or as a seasonal scent for candles. However, this spice may do more than make your house and sweets taste good. Nutmeg has been shown to help lower sugar stages levels in people with Kind two diabetic issues.

An everyday multi-vitamin supplement is essential for everyone yet for those suffering from diabetic issues you have added benefits especially from natural vitamins C, E, B6, B12, Chromium, Magnesium, Zinc, ALA and feunugreek.

natural vitamins C, E, B6, B12

Before you begin these products it is essential to do some online research as to appropriate quantities. More importantly, if you are currently on prescription medications please talk with your physician before any of these products to find out if there is any possibility of an adverse reaction.

An analysis of diabetic issues does not have to be a death sentence. Having an appropriate eating plan, everyday work out and the getting any one of the above mentioned organic products can allow you to live a life with diabetic issues that is not dependent on blood vessels insulin.

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